A Healthy Mind – A Healthy You – A Better Balance

The Balance Project is a non-profit organization helping families and individuals access emotional wellness support. We build mental health awareness through education and community programming. We connect individuals to resources and treatment. We work
to try to eliminate financial barriers for all to find a better balance.

Our Vision And Impact

We aim to serve as a resource to those seeking emotional health and wellness support.

In a climate where limited resources are invested in community-based programming and preventative services, individuals are often unable to receive support until they reach a point of crisis.

The Balance Project, with an emphasis on education and providing a safe space where individuals can engage in a dialogue about emotional wellness, supports individuals and families in addressing their emotional wellness needs before they reach a point of crisis, therefore filling a much needed service gap.

What We Do

The Balance Project fills an important need, to help you and/or those you love find and access support and resources needed to build a better balance around mental health and wellness.



We believe in the equal value of each human being



We connect with the community to build partnerships, raise mental health awareness and promote access to resources



We empower so participants can fully engage in services and treatment



We support equitable access to care and eliminate barriers to help

The Balance Resources


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